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Avarage Rating: 5.0

It is very bright. Love it!

I own Feizer IPX. I am so pleased with my Feizer, and can say a lot of positive things about it. The best thing about it is that it is actually super bright. And I can see why people enjoy this products cause it is super bright LED technology. The only thing I can't say for sure is how hot the casing gets after letting it on at full power. But why would you need to anyway for a long period of time....? I have experienced it giving off some heat after a while. But that is of course normal. Should be ok with most situations and outside enviroments. Technical Note: The battery I use with mine is not the included battery, and is a super high drain eFest IMR 18650 3,7Volt and 3000mAh rechargeable 35Ampere Discharge battery.... And I have had no problem with this setup, after a month of use approximately. I can imagine that many other high capacity high drain batteries can be used too. Just make sure it can take the load. All in all: Very impressive toy, and a very cool compact gadget. Although I highly recommend not shining it in people's face. It is very bright. Love it!

Sturla Starmist Sivertsen

very excellent

very excellent

Tony Benedetto

Great product and price

At the moment I have 3 super torches Feizer IPX and I do not have any problems, they are really great and cost a bit !!!

Dario Ariel

High quality torch

I did not have to pay anything other than the normal price, no customs fees, no delivery charges .. I ordered it directly on the site ... I am very satisfied with this lamp ...

Jean-Philippe Favre

Best flashlight!

The flashlight is amazing!

Nathanalex Kirk

Good Quality

Having owned several different brands of high price flashlights that over time quit working I have decided that Feizer IPX Super Power is the best I have found yet. I have had my Feizer flashlight for over a year and it still works like new. The battery holds a charge well and I always win the shine for distance competitions with my fellow campers. I will continue to buy products from this company


Best Performance!

I had both this flashlight to my son on his birthday and he loved it. Its performance was better than my expectation and I've ordered one more for myself, great product thank you!



You can't find this quality product at this price!! Absolutely amazing


Love it!

Extremely high performance. I love it!



It's passed my 'field test' and would recommend it to anyone. A year ago, I saw an advert on your torchlight and I ordered a one. They were not cheap but not to prohibitively expensive as well. When I got and tested it, it was the best thing ever... Light throw distance is excellent, it's rugged and reliable, and beats some of the more expensive torches that I've bought earlier. I've ordered two more since and thinking of ordering another on for my son who is a pilot and does night checks on his aircrafts. I would highly recommend Feizer to anybody...


Awesome flashlight

I am a voluntary civil protection guard and I need to use a torch often but Feizer IPX work is really awesome at night! You can see up to the distance they say … amazin performance!!!